GAL Manufacturing Corporation LLC


GAL is known for a wealth of advanced product offerings including : GALaxy microprocessor elevator controls for Simplex Hydros (up to eight-car groups); GALileo Remote Monitoring; a complete line of door equipment (including the GALaxy eHydro Controller, GALaxy IV Controller; ScanGUARD Light Curtain; MOVFR (harmonic); and MOnxt (Harmonic) Door Operators, and a complete line of custom and standard fixtures (including SpectraLite push buttons).

Additional Information

Market International

Products & Services Products: Galaxy Microprocessor elevator controls. GALileo,.GAL IV and eHydro Controllers. Harmonic and Linear Door Operators. Custom and standard door fixtures. ScanGUARD light Curtain. Linear and Harmonic Door Operators.

Engineering Contact James Varon

Marketing Contact John Curzon: VP/Sales & Marketing, Kim Berkowitz: Manager, Marketing/Sales

Sales Offices Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York


Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm ET

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