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The main product from Hydroware is the Hydroelite drive and control system for hydraulic lifts. The fact that the drive and control system comes from the same supplier secures a good functionality and a simple handling regarding support, maintenance and warranties. The Hydroelite is provided in the VENI and VIDI. They can also be made machine room less version as well as mini version with separate control panels. Hydroelite is so quick to install because the system is pre-assembled and system tested in our factory. In addition, almost all of the wiring is pre-commissioned with plugs. All that, together with the easy commissioning on site halves the installation time compared to traditional systems. The existing lift is able to be used after only a few hours and by changing to a Hydroelite following a few hours of installation work you can have the lift available for manual operation. The cost to modernise an old existing hydraulic lift with Hydroelite is often less than half the cost in comparison to buying a new MRL Traction Lift. The Hydroelite VIDI, with its current limiting frequency inverter and air cooled motor, will lower the energy consumption up to 70% and you can reduce the main fuse size to one third of the original. The VENI can lower energy consumption up to 50%, with its submerged motor soft starter, where both systems use the unique servo valve (no by-pass oil) and servo technology providing a direct floor approach increasing traffic capacity and flight time obtaining completely different characteristics than conventional systems. The Unique Patented servo valve is entirely self-learning and self-adjusting, making commissioning so much easier and in harmony with the absolute shaft encoder positioning system providing improved accurate ride quality. Hydroware also offer complete lifts. In most cases it is a lower burden on the environment to select a hydraulic lift instead of traction for new installations. Hydraulic Lifts are always more suitable for residential buildings up to 6-7 floors and shopping centres up to 3 floors operating at 250,000 trips a year.

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