New Design As more buildings become unique architectural statements, with often sophisticated and intricate envelopes, façade access plays an ever more important role in safe and efficient building maintenance. Lerch Bates provides independent consulting services that identify and address these specific requirements. Our design planning team brings a unique expertise to the planning of permanent access equipment for exterior and interior building maintenance. We help to ensure the highest degree of equipment effectiveness – compatible with the building’s design, a comprehensive cleaning time analysis, the owners’ financial investment and, importantly, all the requisite codes and standards. For projects of any size and shape our expertise in design and technology provides our clients with façade access solutions for their buildings that are safe, long lasting, aesthetic and functional. Modernization When considering a Modernization project, Lerch Bates provides you with a complete assessment of options and their effect upon the existing building, factoring in changes to codes, structural loads, reuse of equipment, risk assessments and the cost effectiveness of upgrades to equipment. This same attention to detail is provided as part of our condition survey and audit Acquisition services for prospective owners. In addition to developing design documents and technical specifications using the latest AutoCAD and visual simulation techniques our services also include construction contracting and project management with assistance in the bidding process. In addition we review shop drawings; monitor the progress of the installation and conduct final acceptance commissioning. We also help with Maintenance contracting and can even manage your exterior maintenance programs, whether internal or outsourced. Our firm’s approach to Façade Access consulting is representative of Lerch Bates’ complete commitment to the critical balance of thoroughness, creativity, safety, productivity and cost effectiveness. Inspection and Testing To ensure the safety, aesthetics and longevity of your building, Lerch Bates provides inspection and testing of exterior building maintenance equipment. As an independent third party consulting firm, Lerch Bates has developed innovative and effective methods of testing building maintenance equipment. We know that worker safety is a priority. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), requires that building owners meet safety standards to protect the health and safety of workers, while performing suspended maintenance operations.

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