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With Offices around Australia, Singapore and London Pixel is can supply products quickly. All products exceed worldwide safety codes and have cutting edge technology and functionality. We supply the industry with elevator display screens & phones as well as communication systems, digital security cameras and emergency lighting. We also supply buttons & fixtures as well as 24/7 monitoring equipment of the elevator telecommunications. Our Elevator Touch Display Screens provide a colorful and informative interface compared to conventional elevator indicator systems, enabling opportunities to promote tenants, building information, events, news and advertising. Some display screens include touch screen functionality options for the vision impaired. The screen interface also has the capability to replace conventional elevator buttons with intuitive touch screen buttons. Our high-quality IP Cameras are ideal for any elevator or building security. Combined with an IP Camera Extender it is the perfect solution to get that Digital IP Camera Stream back to security. Our cameras are vandal- and dust-resistant, and designed for quick and flexible installation. With a 3-axis camera angle adjustment, the cameras can be mounted on walls or ceilings, and images can be easily leveled. No focusing is required as the camera comes focused at delivery. It also has day/night functionality with an automatically removable infrared-cut filter. When the filter is removed, the camera takes advantage of invisible near-infrared light from available light sources to produce good quality black and white images. Our emergency lighting incorporates the latest microprocessor technology to achieve intelligent automated self-testing functionality and maximum light operation. It is designed to protect human life, and protects your device in the event of an overload on a circuit. The Pixel purpose built monitoring systems allow the user to remotely connect and monitor their emergency telephones, analyse elevator operations and device status. It interacts with console for ‘click to dial’ capability, makes easy work of managing multiple locations at a glance and has real time monitoring of all hardware. The software records and playback any alarm call made on the system with stamped logging of all alarms & system fault.

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