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Elevator Analytics™ products use data from many sources to determine how well your elevator is running. They work with any elevator, old or new. The EA7 Elevator Analyzer is a low-cost, easy-to-use testing tool designed with input from inspectors, consultants, and mechanics. Working with your laptop, it provides real-time information about an elevator’s operation, creates a permanent record of every trip, and automatically generates reports for your customers. It can be set up in minutes inside the car, and does not interfere with the elevator’s operation. It is ideal for inspection, troubleshooting, load testing, pre-modernization evaluation, and enhancing traffic analysis. Our QarVision EA™ Elevator Analyzer and Remote Monitor places independent sensors on key components in both the machine room and car to tell you what the elevator is actually doing. It is there when you can’t be, to find those intermittent problems, or to ensure that the elevator is operating as expected. QarVision EA™ continuously compares the elevator’s operation to known patterns of behavior, and sends email notifications when attention is needed. The QarVision RP™ version for rack-and-pinion elevators provides features to meet the special needs of industrial and construction hoists. QarVision™ is available for sale or rent. And if you prefer, we will monitor your elevator for you, with timely problem notification and monthly reports. Find much more information on our website:

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Products & Services QarVision Elevator Analyzer and Remote Monitor, EA7 Elevator Analyzer, custom EOM modules for remote diagnostics, elevator monitoring services, design and prototyping services

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