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C.E. ELECTRONICS, The Position Indicator Specialist. The largest independent supplier of lift indicators, for modernisation & new installations. Including LED Segment, Dot Matrix, LCD, Sweep, MultiLite, TFT & Touch Screen displays. DDA/ADA products include Arrival Gongs, Digitized Voice Announcers & Induction Loops. Security Systems control access with Cab lighting, CCTV, keypad, card or proximity reader devices. We design and produce custom products to solve your problems.

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Products & Services Products for Modernization & New Installations. Position Indicators including LED Segmented, Dot Matrix, LCD, Sweep, TFT & Touch displays. Annunciators/Scrolling Message & Voice Modules. Gongs. Cab Lighting. Induction Loops. CCTV. Custom solutions.

Engineering Contact Andrew Ede

Marketing Contact John Trett

Sales Offices C.E. Electronics Ltd, UK. +44 (0) 1628 487633


P.O. Box 1679
Marlow, Bucks SL7 3ZG
United Kingdom

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