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Our mission is to provide exceptional products and services. Along with traditional escalator parts, such as steps, chain, comb segments and LED demarcation lights, we carry a growing line of elevator parts such as door operator equipment and PC boards, brushes, abrasives, relays, contactors, auxiliaries, batteries, emergency lights and door edges. We understand the unique just-in-time nature of the vertical transportation industry and our 44,000-total square feet of inventory and manufacturing space helps ensure needed parts are in stock.

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Products & Services We offer steps (new & refurbished), step cleaning (on & off site), step chain, rollers/wheels, comb segments, skirt brushes, comb impact switches, door operator equipment & boards, brushes, fuses, PCBs and other elevator equipment.

Marketing Contact Cathy Hayat

Sales Offices Broadview, IL and Las Vegas, NV

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2807 S. 25th Avenue
Broadview, Illinois 60155
United States

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